17 May 2009


Block Island Fly Fishing Report - Sam Bird

They are definitely here! Paddled out into Great Salt Pond (Block Island) yesterday at first light (which is ungodly early this time of year) and found breaking fish all over. Lot's breaking right under my rod tip. I expected them to be in the 18" - 24" range but was pleasantly surprised to find they were in the 24 - 30 range. I got several fish with two keepers and then had to head in about 5:15 as the wind picked up and it got sloppy. I filleted them on the beach but in my pre-coffee fog I forgot to check bellies - but I suspect they were chowing down silversides - typical for this time of year.

I was fishing my version of a Ray's fly - a very sparse and simple tie. Body braid on the shank, about a dozen white bucktail hairs on top of that with about 8 hairs each of yellow, chartreuse, olive, on top of that (in that order) then two peacock herl and done. I usually add two strands of pearl crystal flash in with the white or before the body braid - but only two! Over the years I've become convinced that sparse flies with very little flash work best - whereas most of the SW flies in the shops are way too flashy. They catch more fishermen than fish.... Ken Abrames Striper Moon site has a good picture and recipe for other tiers out there - I recommend it highly when bass, blues are on sand eels or slversides. Here's the link:


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