14 February 2013


CR&G Largemouth Bass Fishing Seminar A Huge Success

The Concord Rod and Gun Club winter seminar series continued Tuesday night with an excellent presentation from Mark Burgess on the Art of Largemouth Bass Fishing and a presentation by Dave McNary and his son of the Massachusetts Bass Federation on their youth fishing programs. Joining them was Armand Courchaine President of the Rhody Fly Rodder’s, America’s oldest saltwater fly fishing club, tying a few of his favorite largemouth bass streamer flies. All total we had between 35-40  attendees.

Mark’s presentation covered a wide range of subjects including how he likes to customize various baits for specific fishing situations. He described his  go to lures  which are  variety of soft plastics, spinner baits, buzz baits, and top water plugs along with how he likes to fish them under various conditions. He also gave various line recommendations and tips on on when to fish with which kind of line. He likes sixty pound PowerPro braided line under weedy conditions, Seaguar fluorocarbon for clear water on sunny days and Gamma brand monofiliment for most other conditions. His favorite lure to fish here in New England is a chartreuse and white , with a bit of gold tint, buzz bait, which he customizes with larger blades. Mark believes this color combination approximates the color of a lot of native forage fish such as Bluegills, Golden Shiners and Yelllow Perch which are basic staples of a Largemouth’s diet in many of our streams and rivers.  For more information on the Concord Rod and Gun Club see www.concordrodandgun.com  See more photos at http://www.facebook.com/CaptainKirkEnterprises. 

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