17 May 2009


These shots are me going out of Green Pond in the Twin Vee, a Squid boat, and a few of the five bass I caught on my first cape fishing trip of 2009. I bought some fresh squid form one of the boats and fished them in the mouth of Popponesset and Waquoit. I caught two 25 inchers from Popponesset spit and three 30 inch, 12 pounders at Waquoit inlet. There was a whole school of them at the end of the jetty. There was a strong incoming tide and the bass were sitting at the end of the jetty picking off bait as it flowed out of the sound into the inlet. When I caught the fist one about 15 others came chasing it trying to get the squid from it. They are all around the same size................but good strong fish. The second one peeled off line and I thought he was going to take me into the rocks. I had to get him in the center of the inlet toward him down. I was only using 14 lb test on the spinning rod.

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