01 July 2013


How To Prepare Bluefish

                                                   Do You Like Eating Bluefish?

If you like eating fish but dislike Bluefish maybe you have never had it prepared properly……………..try this and I bet you will like it……………….bleed the fish immediately when caught (I do it in a 30 gallon livewell... on continuous circulation). Once it bleeds out put it on ice a keep it as cold as possible until cooking. Bleeding and keeping it cold are the two most important variables. Fillet the fish and store in the refrigerator (on ice if possible) until cooking. …………the sooner the better, but it will stay fresh for a week if prepared this way and never taken off of ice in the fridge (change the ice out daily).

Cooking: I like it grilled the best. Brush the fillets with olive oil then sprinkle each side lightly (in this order), with garlic powder, Old Bay Seasoning or Paul Perdone’s blackening seasoning and a little black pepper. You don’t need salt. It’s in the seafood seasoning. Preheat the grill to approximately 500 degrees, spray the grill surface with Pam or Weber grill spray and let it burn off. Put the fillets on the grill and cook for four minutes on each side, flipping it only once. I use two metal egg flippers in parallel to flip the fillets.

For what it’s worth I have NEVER had anyone who thought they disliked Bluefish turn their nose up at this. It’s delicious. Try it with you next Bluefish!

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