20 July 2014


How To Tell Your Son Loves You - And Both Love Fishing

The top framed photo and silver amulet with his fathers ashes were on "The Patriot" party boat from the Yankee Fleet yesterday, an aptly named boat for our Veterans fishing trip. The fellow is the red shirt was our First Mate and son of the man in the framed photo. Here is the text included with the photo.

I love Grandpa - I love Fishing

In Loving Memory of George L. (Bumpy) Cabral
Apr. 5, 1941 - Dec. 12 2012

There once was a fisherman named Bumpy Cabral
Who happened to not be very tall
His heart was big, pure and good
At the stern was where he always stood
The Patriot was the boat he loved the most
Fishing up and down the Gloucester coast
The boat will never be the same since he is gone

But we will keep on fishing and try to carry on

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