28 January 2013


Concord Rod & Gun Club Fly Fishing Presentation

         Andy Bonzagni's Slides From Jan 15th CR&G Fishing Meeting Click Here

FYI, the original was done as a movie so that is what this is (vs. slides). It has a background sound track that I suggest you turn off when you play it. Also, the site runs a short ad before the movie starts (sorry, the site does it not us). If you were, or were not, at the meeting you will find useful information in the presentation. It lists the rivers Andy spoke about as well as gives information on the flies to use. We will be also be posting a link to a video of the entire meeting shortly so you can see the actual presentations which contain much more information including recommendations on tackle, flies, etc. Click our Facebook Icon in the left of the homepage of this blog and sign in above for email notifications of posts. That way you will automatically see all new posts. Tight lines. Kirk out!

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